Toxin and Fillers

Toxins and Fillers

Injectable Services

If you’re self-conscious about the effect aging has had on your skin but are worried about the cost or downtime associated with plastic surgery, injectables might be a game-changing option for you! Over time, many people loss fat volume in their face, resulting in wrinkles, loose skin, and a sunken aesthetic. Dermal fillers replace this youthful fat to restore a younger, more vibrant appearance, while injectable Botox® smooths frown lines and crow’s feet. 

  • Botox - Reduce or temporarily eliminate your frown lines, crow’s feet and more!
  • Jeuveau: “NewTox” - If you’ve experienced or know Botox. Jeuveau is better and lasts longer!  Come experience the difference.
  • Juvederm XCv - Fill in and smooth the facial wrinkles and folds around your mouth and more!
  • Kybella - First and only injectable treatment for double chin.
  • Voluma - Lift and contour cheeks to help create a more youthful appearance.
  • B12 injections - Are you fatigued and wanting more energy?  Our B 12 injections can help!  If you desire weight loss, check out our Skinny Shots!
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Injectables Q & A

1Which injectables are offered at Sky and Sea Spa?
Our med-spa offers a range of injectables to meet your cosmetic needs, including Juvederm®, Botox, and Kybella®.
2How is Botox different from dermal fillers?
Although both treatments are injectable and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the way they create change is different. Botox weakens the muscles responsible for frowning and squinting, smoothing even deep frown lines. Quite differently, dermal fillers are injected to replace lost fat and volume in the face, creating more definition and filling the skin out, naturally reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
3Who is a good candidate for injectables?
Injectables are very safe, so most patients are good candidates for these treatments. An allergy to any ingredient in the injection or a skin infection in the treatment area might make you ineligible for treatment.
4Can I receive dermal fillers and Botox at the same time?
Yes. We often find that combination treatments produce the most dramatic results for our patients and are able to schedule dermal fillers and Botox in one convenient appointment. Some patients benefit from a combination the two -- because they’re safe to administer together, we can accommodate them in a single appointment.
5How long do dermal fillers last?
Over time, the body breaks down and metabolizes dermal fillers. For some patients, this process begins several months after treatment while others enjoy their results for as long as two years. When dermal fillers are metabolized, it’s safe to receive treatment again.
6What is Kybella?
Kybella is an injectable that destroys the fat under your chin to create a cleaner, younger-looking profile. Kybella is the only drug of its kind that’s been approved by the FDA.
7What steps can I take at home to make my results last longer?
Most of the factors that impact the longevity of your results are not within your control, but carefully following your doctor’s instructions can contribute to the best results possible.
8Will people be able to tell I have had a cosmetic procedure?
When you choose a doctor experienced in the administration of injectables, you can expect to achieve results that are both noticeable and very natural in appearance. Many of our patients find that those who know them well may comment on how happy and healthy they look without ever suspecting that they’ve received treatment.