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You may be wondering when you should schedule your daughter to see a gynecologist or have an annual exam. Rest assured that it usually isn’t any time soon. Annual pap smears are recommended to start at age 21. Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing can start once you suspect or are aware of sexually activity. STI testing typically does not require a vaginal exam, which is a relief for your teen. We specialize in making your daughter feel comfortable in the office and explaining any exams or procedures prior to them occurring.

Schedule your Adolescent Gynecology appointment

The following are a few reasons to bring your daughter to see a gynecologist:

  • Heavy periods or severe cramping that cause distress or interferes with sports
  • Breast lumps
  • Vaginal infections or vaginal complaints
  • Birth control options
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing
  • No menses by age 16
  • “The Talk” before going to college. Stephanie is quite famous for this in Miami with the moms.
  • Hymen interfering with tampon use